Adham Faramawy




Egyptian artist born in Dubai (1981). Lives and works in London, United Kingdom




2013    Post-Graduate Fine Art, Royal Academy Schools, London United Kingdom

2004    BA Fine Art, The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, United Kingdom





2017    Selected VII, video screening, Fabrica, Brighton, CCA, Glasgow, Whitechapel Gallery, London, Nottingham Contemporary, Plymouth Arts Centre, Exeter Phoenix

2017    So Natural!, Like a little disaster, Polignano A Mare

2017    Hymn, sound mix le, played on Eddie Peake’s radio show on KnowWave.com

2017    Virtually Real, series of virtual reality events, The Royal Academy of Arts, London

2016    Ectoplasm, 1646 Den Haag, The Hague

2016    Inland Far, UCA, Canterbury

2016    Ever Fresh, Stills Gallery, Sydney

2016    A flowing list of flowers ebbs seamlessly into a lover, Green Ray, London

2016    Get Fit, Turf Projects, Croydon

2016    The Green Ray, curated by Andy Hunt, Wilkinson Gallery, London

2015    Studio_Leigh, London

2015    #cocksandcunts, online video program curated by Francesca Gavin, Kaleidoscope Magazine

2015    Paste, a poster series on the streets of Leeds, commissioned and organised by SEIZE

2015    Tell me your dream. Make it succinct. The One Minutes, screening, Amsterdam

2015    H30/003, The Drift, screening/performance event, Veteran’s Bridge, Allegheny river, Pitsburgh

2015    Fatigue Workout, performance as part of Wright/Vandamme’s Fig 2 installation at ICA

2015    London Open, Whitechapel Gallery, London

2015    Slimeface Emoji, with Terry Ryu Kim, Tank.tv, London

2015    Passing Glitches; Human horror and the digital body, Peckhamplex cinema, London

2015    I’m here but you’ve gone, Fiorucci Art Trust, London

2015    .GIF, Super Dakota, Brussels

2015    Until Recently I Only Had A Voice, Royal Academy Schools Symposium

2015    Superior Goods, Household Gods, Castle eld Gallery, Manchester

2015    Glumba SKZX, Ex Elettrofonica, Rome

2014    E-Vapor-8, Site Gallery, Shefield

2014    Screening, Paradise: A space for screen addiction, Marseille

2014    - 21st Century Pop, screening series, ICA Cinema, London, Turner Contemporary,

2014    Margate, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, Cornerhouse, Manchester, Tramway, Glasgow

2014    Pre-Pop to Post-human: Collage in the Digital Age, Hayward Touring

2014    Bloody English, OHWOW Gallery, Los Angeles

2013    Silica, two person show with Celia Hempton, Galerie Sultana, Paris

2013    Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Spike Island, Bristol, ICA, London

2013    Dazed/Converse Award, Londonewcastle Project Space, London

2013    Open Heart Surgery, The Moving Museum, London

2013    New Moves, Tank.tv, London and online

2013    Febreeze, Kinman, London

2013    Syndrome of a Decade, Ikono Film Festival (broadcast)

2013    Diamond Dust-A shifting grammar of originality, Circa Projects, Edinburgh Arts Festival

2013    Royal Academy 2013, Royal Academy Schools, London

2013    Abstract Cabinet, David Roberts Art Foundation, London

2013    Some Antecedents (of the screen based image), Oberhausen Film Festival and Arte TV

2012    Chimera QTE, Cell Projects, London

2012    Ruby, curated by Eddie Peake, Gallery Vela, London

2011    Lucky PDF TV, Frieze Projects, Set and art direction of #3, London





2017    Your Left Thigh is a Poem, IPSUM, Madrid (upcoming)

2016    Janus Collapse (the juice box edition), Bluecoat, Liverpool

2016    Help each other, Billboard 8171, Annin Arts, London Bridge Station

2015    Cola Revlon Mouthwash, Ibraaz.org, online commission

2015    Hyperreal Flower Blossom, VITRINE Bermondsey square, London

2014    Feels Real, Marian Cramer, Amsterdam

2014    Hydra, Cell Projects, London

2012    Total Flex 2, Legion-tv.com, online video work with downloadable computer program






2017    Full Body Facial, digital edition, Seditionart.com

2016    Trading Places, buidling hoarding on Norton Folgate commissioned by CREATE, London

2015    This Time With Feeling, Space Studios residency, London

2015    PITCH Residency, Unilever, London

2015    Annin Arts Editions, Annin Arts, London

2015    Royal Academy Editions, Royal Academy of Art, London

2015    Gradient Fade, Permanent bench installation, Annin Arts, Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

2015    Hi! I’m happy you’re here, Arts Council England funded sculptural app

2013    Vertu Commission, Royal Academy Schools, London

2012    Hiscox Premiums Award and purchase prize, Royal Academy Schools, London

2011    Red Mansion Foundation, Beijing residency and London exhibition, London

2003    Fondazione Italo/Swedese, Lithography residency and exhibition, Venice





2017    On Materiality, artist talk at LCC, London

2017    Interfaces Monthly, presentation and panel discussion with Francesca Pancetta from Guardian VR and Robin McNicholas of Marshmallow Laser Feast, chaired by Sunny Cheung, Barbican, London 10/16 Bilocation, presentation and panel talk with Sonia Boyce, Nina Edge, chaired by Sylwia Sera nowicz for AICA, Bluecoat, Liverpool

2015    Panic! What happened to social mobility in the arts? Panel discussion, Goldsmiths University

2014    E-Vapor-8, study day, Shef eld Hallam University with Site Gallery

2014    _Matters, panel discussion chaired by Pavel Pys, Leeds University

2014    Friday Salon: Colour Clash, artist talk, ICA, London

2014    In conversation with Omar Kholeif, at Cell Projects, London

2014    HYDRA, talk for Reading University students at Cell Projects, London

2013    Friday Salon: Technological Performance / Performative Technology, artist talk, ICA, London




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Egyptian artist born in Dubai (1981). Lives and works in London, United Kingdom


Adham Faramawy works across a variety of media including moving image, painting and print. His works attempt to describe an urban lived experience where technology and its relationship to the body take a central role. The experience of cities, architecture, advertising, high-density populations – and how these affect the ways in which we behave and construct identity – are described through the distortion of commercial and art historical forms. This highlights the conditions of the work’s production and exhibition, searching for ways to build meaning through collage and edit, by implication, through accumulation or context.