Joe Hamilton




B. 1982, Tasmania, Australia. Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia




2011    Master of Arts, Art in Public Space – RMIT

2006    BFA – University of Tasmania




2017    Remote Sensing, IPSUM, Madrid, Spain

2016   The Deep Addressable Field, Nicholas Projects, Melbourne, Australia

2016   View Beyond the Trees, Zuckerman Museum, Georgia, United States

2015   Merge Nodes, Blue Oyster, Dunedin, New Zealand

2014   Indirect Flights, Fort Delta, Melbourne, Australia




2017     An Anonymous System, Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway

2017    On the Bundian Way, Underbelly Arts Festival, Sydney, Australia

2017    SHARED SPACES - Neuer Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Aschaffenburg, Germany

2017    Today’s Spectacle: The Digital Baroque - Columbia University Wallach Art Gallery, New York, United States

2017    Post-Internet & the Moving Image, Michigan, United States

2017    Tactility and Technology - Adds Donna, Chicago, United States

2017    Planetary Gardening - Photo Access, Canberra, Australia

2017    Landscapes - Japan Creative Center, Singapore, Singapore

2016    Little Planet Pavilion - Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome, Germany

2016    Capry by Night - Schauspiel Köln, Köln, Germany

2016    Verdant Garden - Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Bundoora, Australia

2016    The Real Fake - Bronx Art Space, New York, United States

2016    plllla plllla - Agreements To Zinedine, Milan, Italy

2016    Orası - Bursa Nazim Hikmet Culture House, Bursa, Turkey

2016    Variation Art Fair - Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

2016    Accès(s) - beautiful ordinary, Pau, France

2016    Motion Festival - AirSpace Projects, Sydney, Australia

2016    Beijing Media Art Biennale - Beijing Media Art Biennale, Beijing, China

2016    Layered Landscapes - Philine Cremer Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany

2016    Camera Lucida - Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art, Alabama, United States

2016    Gettin’ the Heart Ready: Royal Standard Retrospective - Royal Standard, Liverpool, United Kingdom

2016    Search for people, place or things - B-312, Montreal, Canada

2016    Digital Canvas - Adiacenze, Bologna, Italy

2016    Window Contemporary, Super Block - United States

2016    Consolidated Volume - C3 Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne, Australia

2016    MOFO Faux Mo - MONA, Hobart, Australia

2016    Jeune Création - White Screen - Online, Jeune Création, Paris, France

2016    How to build a universe which doesn’t fall apart two days later - Maison Populaire, Montreuil, France

2015    Brushes - New Museum, New York, United States

2015    Right Here / Right Now - The Lowry, UK

2015    Art Speaks Out - Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Turkey

2015    Positioning Systems - Microscope Gallery, New York, United States

2015    Vision Quest - Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, United States

2015    Phase-Space - Kings ARI, Melbourne, Australia

2015    Video Visions - ACMI, Melbourne, Australia

2015    Verge Video - Art Toronto, Canada

2015    ECOCORE Stones of Venice - Spazio Ridotto, Italy

2015    How to Water - Eastside International, Los Angeles, United States

2015    Video Contemporary - Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia

2015    Wasting time on the Internet 2.0 - Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany

2015    Picture Perfect - Viasaterna, Italy

2015    Universo Vídeo. El espacio de la ilusión - LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, Spain

2015    Metaforms - Supynes Festival, Lithuania

2015    Possibilities and Choices - Mixer, Istanbul, Turkey

2015    Act Natural – Galerie Eva Meyer, Paris, France

2015    Promenons-nous... – L’Abbaye. Annecy-le-Vieux, France

2014    Like New Landscape – New York, USA

2014    The Moving Museum Residency – Istanbul, Turkey

2014    Penetrating Surfaces – The Austrian Film Museum, Vienna, Austria

2014    Appraisal – Palais des Beaux Arts, Vienna, Austria

2014    Electrolapse – Vivid, Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay, NSW, Australia

2014    Rooftop Transmissions – Melbourne Now, Melbourne, Australia

2014    Immaterial Matter – Photo50, The London Art Fair, London, UK

2013    Different Domain – The Royal Standard, Liverpool, UK

2013    New Acquisitions Vol # 2 – Fort Delta, Melbourne Australia

2013    Surfers' Paradise – Melbourne, Australia

2013    Paddles ON! – First digital art auction – Phillips, NYC

2013    ikono On Air Festival – ikono.org

2013    CTRL Paste – New Low, Melbourne, Australia

2013    REGG M – CARTE BLANCHE à DatAData Festival art numérique de Nabeul, Nabeul, Tunisia

2013    Hyper Spectral Display – 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney, Australia

2013    Short Visits to Different Worlds – Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg, Canada

2013    New Acquisitions; Vol # 1 – Fort Delta, Melbourne Australia

2013    URBAN DREAMS – The Old Bowery Station, New York, United States

2013    Open Curator Studio: The 3D Experience – Artspace, Sydney, Australia

2013    Electrolapse – ISEA2013, Sydney, Australia

2013    Palazzo Peckham – 270 Castello, 55th Venice Biennale, Italy

2013    The Possibility of an Island – Maldives Exodus Caravan Show, 55th Venice Biennale, Italy

2013    we outsourced everything and now we’re bored. – L’Atelier-Kunst(spiel)raum, Berlin, Germany

2013    Eternal Internet Brotherhood – Xilitla, Mexico

2013    BYOB Melbourne – RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne Australia

2013    DECENTER: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show – New York, USA

2013    Osmosis – Altes Finanzamt, Berlin, Germany

2013    Pool – Lamington Drive, Melbourne, Australia

2012    LuckyPDF and Fred - Artist Brand Collaboration Preview – grouphab.it, Berlin, Germany

2012    Constructed Landscapes – Sceenspace, Melbourne, Australia

2012    Dark Matter – Machine Project, Los Angeles, USA

2012    DINC Vision Quest 2012 – Thalia Hall, Chicago, USA

2012    ctrl cpy – Gallery One Three, Melbourne, Australia

2012    Synthetic Vertigo – Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel, Switzerland

2012    Astral Projection Abduction Fantasy – Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2012    SXSW Showcase – Austin Museum of Digital Art, Austin, Texas, USA

2011    Notes on a New Nature – 319 Scholes Gallery, New York, USA

2011    One Night at the Peckham Hotel – Peckham Hotel, Peckham, UK

2011    BYOB Melbourne – Tristian Koenig Gallery, Melbourne, Australia




2015    Indirect Flights – for The Moving Museum

2013    On the Nature of Halogen Light, Collaboration with Aiden Morse for Different Domain, Royal Standard, UK

2012    An Illusion of Democratic Experience – for Lunch Bytes, Washington, USA

2012    Laser Simulation – for Parallelograms

2012    Urinal Screens

2012    Div/Contour – for Appendix Project Space, Portland, USA

2011    Hyper Geography



2013    Surfers' Paradise – Melbourne, Australia



2016    Mapping, Tracking and Global Systems, Experimenta, Melbourne, Australia

2014    Internet Art, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

2013    Hyper Geography, University of Tasmania, Australia



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2016    Superblock by Simone Hine and Kyle Weise

2014    Landscapes Without Roots: In search of the foundations of an interconnected world by Nicolas Thély

2014   Hyper Geography: An Introduction by Harry Burke



InfinIte Sprawl by Helen Longstreth, Post Matter, 2016

Parallax Maps by Heloise Cullen, Rhizome, 2015

An Art Breakthrough, Wired, 2013

Joe Hamilton in Paddles ON! Auction of Digital Art, Blouin Artinfo, 2013

Ambient Natures by Dominikus Müller, Frieze Issue 5, Summer 2012

Tumblr as Art by Ben Valentine, Hyperallergic, 2012

Reframing Tumblr / Hyper Geography by Jason Huff, Rhizome, 2011

A New Landscape For Digital Art by Julia Kaganskiy, The Creators Project, 2011


B. 1982, Tasmania, Australia. Lives and works in Melbourne, Australia


Joe Hamilton makes use of technology and found material to create intricate and complex compositions that exist online, offline and in-between. His recent work questions established notions of landscape
 and environment within a society that is becoming increasingly networked. He takes a kaleidoscopic look at computer-generated imagery as well as internet memes and explores how cyberspace is constantly changing the relationships between media technologies, space, and time.