Mikha-ez - Menhir

February 18 2018 - March 31 2018

Curator: Cayetano Limorte Menchón

Gazer is a concert for a meteorite. In 1801 Giuseppe Piazzi, founder of the Palermo’s astronomical observatory, discovered the first asteroid in West while looking at the sky. The Ceres discovery, as it was named in honour of the goddess of agriculture, would lead to the progressive knowledge of the asteroids belt, located between Mars and Jupiter’s orbits, where the meteorite Campo de cielo comes from, which crashed into Argentina in 1576. Its skin, lost while coming into contact with the atmosphere, is restored and exposed in this project as a meeting point for the bodies. Although the skin restricts the internal and external side, its porosity unifies both hemispheres as well. Gazer takes this vertical communication flow as a starting point and it allows the contact between the Earth and the outer space, like a menhir, in order to open the view to the unexplored side through the sense of touch and sound.

There is no doubt that a gazer is a privileged place from which to contemplate a landscape or an event. Extending the view is also what is expected from these sites, in which we extend our visible field and expose our eyes to the extraordinary. But the landscape is inscribed within each human being and it is this that conforms it from what it sees, because as David Le Breton says “the eyes are not only receptors of light and of the things of the world; they are its creators insofar as to see is not to trace an outside, but the projection outside of a vision of the world “. Here, however, the landscape is not exposed to the view, it being the viewer’s task to make a vacuum inside and redirect his gaze from the outside to the inside to find it. To do so, he can lie freely on the extraterrestrial surface created by Mikha-ez from a series of analytical photographs of the meteorite Field of Heaven and be enveloped by Menhir’s Concert for a Meteorite, since this viewpoint is definitely just an attempt to stop our rhythm and let ourselves be affected by the hybrid texture of the torn body of several asteroids, for from the touch and the listening open the vision towards the unexplored.