Kempel Paradox

Javier Ayuso



1 Kempel Paradox does not address issues of raging news. Kempel Paradox is not inspired by the allegory of Plato’s cave. Kempel Paradox exists based on very simple principles. Kempel Paradox, despite being a paradox, is primarily logical. Kempel Paradox does not exist.


2 Kempel Paradox, although it does not exist, occurs when light acquires qualities of object and, in turn, the object qualities of light. When both merge to be only shadow, light, shape and color.


3 Kempel Paradox is an artistic project. It’s called “Kempel Paradox” because “The son of man” was already caught. One night, while the light and I rested, Magritte appeared in a dream and, after reminding me of the name of the apple painting, asked me: “Why Kempel Paradox?” To which I replied: “Why not?” A question can not be the answer. “Then came the answer we were both looking for:” Why! ”


4 Principles of Kempel Paradox – Investigative Principle: The search for surprise, beauty and restlessness will be privileged. – Playful Principle: Based on the possibilities of playing with light, the search will take place in an innocent and childish way, through fun, contortion, ridicule, joke, empathy, crying, song, Hide and seek, running, running, climbing trees, and rest. – Intimate Principle: The project will be carried out from the privacy of the home-study, creating suns, eclipses, shadows, sounds and silences.